The 23rd and  FINAL Church Mouse Marlin Invitational Tournament 

Raised  $75,200  for Catalina. 

The donations were AWESOME,  WE MADE THE MILLION DOLLAR MARK!! In fact $1,020,200 

The Auction bids were beyond our expectations 

 Congratulations to the 2013 winners:

    1st Place--Marlin     Dialed Inn

  2nd Place--Marlin    Chaser

             3rd Place--Marlin    Southern Speed

  4th Place--Marlin     Cheers

   5th Place--Marlin     Kismet

 The Final Church Mouse Marlin Invitational Tournament is proud to announce that with the support of all our fisherman, the entire town of Avalon, and many generous mainland sponsors, we were able to donate  $75,200. 

 Again this year, great success is largely due to Chuck Faith, Co-Organizer for bringing in many major new supporters, Chris Spiros our Tackle Czar, and to Dave Hart for bringing in many Island donations. A major thanks to the Avalon Harbor Department for EVERYTHING they did to help us out.  It would be impossible to thank everyone,  Bob and I want you to know how much we appreciate your help and support over the years. 

 See other side for 2013  donations disbursement:

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